Information for Sponsors and Exhibitors

For INTSAAB2020 in Denmark it is possible to rent space in the large hall for the entire weekend either as a sales stand or for the exhibition of cars, goods and other SAAB related items.

At the same time, it is possible to get a brief description of your offer on the INTSAAB2020 website with one image size 650 x <300 pixels. If sending text and image to INTSAAB2020.

Prices for space in the large hall:
10 sq.m. €133,85
25 sq.m. €334,62
50 sq.m. €468,47
100 sq.m. €736,17
A car space to sell one SAAB €133,85

Sunday from 10am - 3pm there is free space for sales of parts, cars and other SAAB related items on the outdoor areas.

You have to bring your own table, pavilion and similar you might need.

It is also possible to be a sponsor of INTSAAB2020.

This is divided into different steps:
Level 1:
Logo on sponsor pillar and
Level 2:
Level 1 + banner advertising at
Level 3:
Level 2 + logo on merchandise
Level 4:
Level 3 + eye-catching space and 100 sqm space in the hall

Rool-up's can be made for approx. €133,85 per piece.

For more information contact Poul Viggo Fischer on email:

You can also download this information HERE.









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